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Exit plans for small businesses

Over 80% of small businesses fail to sell because owners fail to plan for a successful exit.

Online exit planning for your clients

Valuation Report

Owners add their financial statements to their dahboard and we generate a maket-based valution report for you to share with your client.

View Sample Report.

Sale Page

A custom web page using information in their dashboard to share with prospective buyers so you and your client can easily market the opportunity!

Preparation Dashboard

Clients use the personalized dashboard to complete key tasks. As their advior, you have access to track your clients progress.

Expert Support

We provide the tech so you can focus on advice and support. Collaborate with your clients through the online dashboard to accomplish key tasks.

Over 80% of businesses fail to sell

Get your clients ready to exit!

All too often, small business owners delay planning for the inevitable. As a result, they are unprepared and fail to sell the business.

ExitGuide provides an online dashboard that advisors share with clients to collaborate to create a plan for just $499. 

As an advisor, you will log in to see all of your clients along with their progress, so you can spend more time providing advice.

Simple – Affordable – Easy

Over 85% of small business owners do not have a plan for when and how they will exit their business.

Owners can create a plan online with ExitGuide.

Learn how you can help business owners create a plan to meet their objectives!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ExitGuide work?

We’ve helped thousands of small business owners create an exit plan online. Some owners need more hands on support from an expert. Now advisors can offer their clients and prospects access to our platform and engage in strategic conversations. As their advisor, you will see their progress and help them get their business ready to sell and create a financial plan for what to do after the sale is complete. 

What are the costs?

We charge $499 for our exit plan, owners pay using a credit card. There are no fees for advisors.

When should owners start planning their exit?

Over 85% of business owners do not have any sort of plan for exiting their business. Most owners have no idea where to start or what to do. Simply share your personalized link with owners to start their journey.

What is included in an exit plan from ExitGuide?

An exit plan includes a market-based valuation report, a planning dashboard to manage tasks to prepare the business, a web page to market it business to buyers and support from you.

What type of valuation is provided?

ExitGuide will provide a market based valuation report.  This uses transaction data from similar businesses that have sold. In order for us to generate your report, we will need 3 years of P&L Statements, a balance sheet and the most current tax return.

What is the planning dashboard?

The dashboard is an easy to use interface which helps owners complete tasks such as writing a opportunity narrative, upload key financials and get ready to engage a buyer. As their advisor, you can track their progress and offer support.

Will ExitGuide share the business with prospective buyers??

When your client is ready, ExitGuide will create a “Sell Page” to share with prosective buyers. You and your client have the option to have ExitGuide share the business with prospective buyers through partnerships we have with buyer networks. 

How does ExitGuide charge?

We charge a flat fee of $499 to create a plan which includes the valuation, dashboard and sell page. Owners may choose renew their account annually. We support discount programs for advisors to offer their clients. 

How do I learn more about offering this to clients?

Easy, just book a call and we will provide a demo and answer your questions. 

How does ExitGuide support advisors?

We provide marketing materials along with a personalized web link to share with your clients and are ready and waiting to answer your questions so you can deliver an amazing client experience.

Buyers focus on businesses that are ready to sell

I look at dozens of deals every week and most lack the basic information we need to engage. We simply move on. 

Andrew M, SMB Acquirer

I see too many sellers unprepared for the process of selling their business. It often kills the deal or even prevents me from sending them an LOI. 

Yvetter Owo, owner YOLO Accounting & SMB Acquirer

ExitGuide helps owners plan for success

ExitGuide has been helpful in teaching me what is most important for me to focus on to get my business ready to sell in the future.”

Heidi Brockmyre (preparing to sell in 12 months)

owner in California

ExitGuide helped me present my business to a buyer and gave me an understanding of what to expect through the process, all without the big commissions of a broker!

Jim Lehman (sold to competitor)

owner in Florida