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Whether you’re selling now or in five years, it’s never too early to get Sale Ready.


The Great Transition is underway. Are you ready?

Over 85% of small business owners will exit in the next decade. This sets the stage for a historical transition in value from small businesses.

Small business owners who are ready are well positioned to capitalize.

Your successful exit starts here

We get you and your business ready so you can sell it

Just $599 for the first month and $59 per month after and includes:

Personalized Dashboard

Manage and complete key tasks using a personalized dashboard

Market Based Valuation

A report that compares your business to similar ones that have sold

Sale Readiness Analysis

Learn what aspects of your business need attention before you go to market

Support From Coaches

Support from a team of experts who will answer questions and provide guidace along the way.

Most businesses never sell!

Many owners believe they just need to promote their business to the right buyers by posting on a website or engaging a broker or expensive resources.

That’s wrong! Attracting a buyer to a business that is not ready is a recipe for failure.

Over 50% of deals fall apart in due diligence, others never attract a buyer because they have not packaged the opportunity. 

ExitGuide will help you increase the odds of getting a deal done.

Buyers focus on businesses that are ready to sell

I look at dozens of deals every week and most lack the basic information we need to engage. We simply move on. 

Andrew M, SMB Acquirer

I see too many sellers unprepared for the process of selling their business. It often kills the deal or even prevents me from sending them an LOI. 

Yvetter Owo, owner YOLO Accounting & SMB Acquirer

ExitGuide gets business owners sale ready

ExitGuide has been helpful in teaching me what is most important for me to focus on to get my business ready to sell in the future.”

Heidi Brockmyre (preparing to sell in 12 months)

owner in California

ExitGuide helped me present my business to a buyer and gave me an understanding of what to expect through the process, all without the big commissions of a broker!

Jim Lehman (sold to competitor)

owner in Florida