We’ll help you exit your business.


We help small business owners create an exit strategy & manage the sale of their business

We start with a free, customized assessment of your business’ value, then help provide resources, templates and expert advice to help you develop and execute an exit strategy that’s best suited to your goals— at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a business broker.

M&A for Main Street

When it comes to selling a business, there are lots of resources and experts ready to help the big players. But over 95% of small businesses are too small to attract the attention of a broker and expert help can be expensive

Many owners choose a “for sale by owner” approach without having the resources to navigate their exit. We are changing that.

After more than two decades leading tech companies like TalentShare and Xobni, Eric Grafstrom turned his attention to helping small business owners get access to expert business-selling resources that they simply can’t find anywhere else.