A number of people have successfully started an online business as a “side hustle” or a labor of love or with the intention of growing it into a thriving business. There may come a time when the business is going too well to shut it down but is not big enough to make it a full-time job. If this is the case, you may feel a bit stuck.

Well, your small eCommerce business may be just what a local retailer needs to expand their business and adjust to consumer trends toward online ordering and curbside delivery. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 90% of commerce in the U.S. still takes place in the physical world.  Since COVID, it is more important (stat from other sites) for local retailers to have an online presence, and owners that lack the expertise to create and manage an online presence would welcome an existing site versus creating their own. 

It is important to understand that business owner that has long-standing relationships with customers and an in-store experience they are not seeking to replace. Instead, this is an opportunity to extend their business and diversify revenue. When approaching a local retailer, focus on how your eCommerce business can deliver value to its existing business.

Investment In An Existing Business – Not In Developing A Website

Any small business owner is busy enough running their business and the idea of creating an online presence may sound appealing, but where is the time to make that happen. As you know, it means a website, e-commerce capabilities, maybe a social media presence. Getting started is hard. Instead, it may make sense to invest the time and money into acquiring an existing site that has everything working. 

Online Ordering For Curbside Delivery / Contactless Pick Up

Let’s face it, the impact of the recent pandemic has shifted consumer behavior and many customers have adjusted to curbside pick up or contactless pickup. This is forcing retailers that have relied on in-store traffic to drive sales to have a sudden need to service their existing customers in new ways. 

Expand Their Business With E-Commerce (Merchandise)

Customers sometimes like to show their loyalty by sporting merchandise such as a shirt, hoodie, or cup. In today’s market, custom printing is far more affordable and efficient and something any small business can access. Adding this to an online store allows current customers and those that may have moved away but still hold fond memories of their favorite coffee shop, pub, or boutique. Bringing e-commerce capabilities not only makes some customers happy – it can help extend the brand beyond the community. 

Selling your e-commerce store to a local retailer can be a win-win. A local retailer gets a head start with their online presence, extends their existing customer base, and may very well pay a premium for that opportunity. Be prepared to help make this transition work too. You’ll leave the business in very good hands and have the comfort of knowing you have helped a local retailer working hard to make their business work.