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ExitGuide puts you in the driver’s seat to sell your small business

ExitGuide provides everything you need to sell your business.

Create An Exit Strategy With An Exit Coach

Planning to find a buyer? Maybe you want to sell to an employee, business partner or family? Let’s create a plan to meet your goals.

Why ExitGuide is ideal for most small business owners

A better fit than a business broker

Business brokers target businesses worth $5M or more. ExitGuide is built for 95% of small businesses too small to attract a broker.

Cheaper than a lawyer

You might need a lawyer for the final agreement, but ExitGuide helps with the rest of the process, and for much less.

More personal than a listing site

You’ve seen the ads for online marketplaces, but it’s best to approach prospective buyers yourself.


What happens in a coaching session?

Many business owners are seeking advice and have questions about how to start and what to do. Maybe you’re not sure if you can sell your business or need advice on how to sell to a business partner or employee. This is your time to ask questions and get feedback.

How is ExitGuide different from sites like BizBuySell?

Online marketplaces generate a lot of traffic, but won’t help you find a local buyer for your business. They charge a listing fee and require a minimum of at least 6 months which ends up being $500 to $1,000. ExitGuide helps small business owners whether they plan to market their business to find a buyer, sell to a partner, employee or member of the family or sell the assets and close.

Will ExitGuide find a buyer for my business?

Not now. We focus 100% on owners that want help with managing the process. Many small business owners know potential buyers in their local community and need help with how to effectively market their business and engage a buyer in due diligence and closing a transaction.

Does ExitGuide charge a commission if I sell my business using ExitGuide?

Nope. Our job is to help owners with the exit process. This allows us to help small business owners with different plans for exiting their business.

What if I am not sure what to do?

We understand and you’re not alone. ExitGuide provides free information on small business exits, valuations and different options to explore. Also, our small business coaches can share insights about your options and how to take the next step.

The Guided plan includes 1 coaching session, but can I schedule additional sessions?

Absolutely. Owners that upgrade to a Guided plan can schedule additional coaching as needed (for an additional fee).