ExitGuide puts you in the driver’s seat to sell your small business

ExitGuide provides everything you need to sell your business.

Flexible Pricing to Manage the Sale of Your Business

Save over 20% with a Quarterly subscription!

It can take a few weeks to a few months to move through the process. It all depends on your situation. Start for free and get access to an estimated valuation and resources to explore your options.

Why ExitGuide is ideal for most small business owners

A better fit than a business broker

Business brokers target businesses worth $5M or more. ExitGuide is built for small businesses too small to attract a broker.

Cheaper than a lawyer

You might need a lawyer for the final agreement, but ExitGuide helps with the rest of the process, and for much less.

More Personal than a Listing Site

You’ve seen the ads for online marketplaces, but it’s best to approach prospective buyers yourself.