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ExitGuide is the most affordable way to sell a small business!

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Why pay thousands? ExitGuide makes it easy for YOU to sell your business.

  • NSmall business valuation
  • NExplanation of different exit strategies so you know your options
  • NTemplates for you to customize to market and sell your business
  • NStep-by-step instructions on how to prepare the right information for a buyer
  • NAdvice from a small business coach to help navigate the steps
  • NLegal agreements to sell your business, sell assets or transition to family member

ExitGuide supports a variety of exit strategies

  • NAttract a buyer in your local market
  • NSell your business to a business partner
  • NPartner buyout
  • NTransition a family business to a relative
  • NSell the assets and close the business
“ExitGuide helped me understand the value of my business. It’s very user-friendly. They stuck with me throughout the process of exiting my business. I feel more prepared and knowledgeable having used their service.”

Partner in a Psychology Practice

“My business partner is leaving the business and ExitGuide was a great resource to understand my options and what steps I need to take.”

Co-owner, Vegan Ice Cream Maker

“I’ve started a business, I’ve never exited a business – not sure where I would start”

Owner, Party Rental and Supplies

“Our coaching sessions helped me understand the value of my business and what steps my business partner and I need to take. I am really glad we found ExitGuide!”

o-owner of a home health care business

We have coaches, not business brokers.

Most small businesses simply aren’t big enough to justify the high fees and commissions that brokers charge. ExitGuide provides you with tools and guidance so you can manage the exit process yourself and save thousands of dollars. Our small business coaches answer questions and advise you along the way.


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