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What's your business worth?

Every business should know their valuation. Our reports are designed specifically for small businesses.

Why you should know the value of your business

Setting the Right Price

You want to sell your business for a fair price that reflects its worth. A valuation helps you determine a realistic and attractive selling price.

Attracting Buyers

A well-priced business is more attractive to buyers. A valuation helps you showcase the value and potential of your business, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Negotiating Power

You have more leverage during negotiations with buyers. You can confidently justify your asking price and negotiate from a position of strength.

Planning For The Future

Knowing your business’s value is helpful for future planning. It can inform strategic decisions, succession planning, and potential expansion or investment opportunities.

Small Business Valuation Reports

Everything you need to understand the value of your business.

A business valuation is like putting a price tag on your business. It’s an assessment of how much your business is worth in the market. Just like when you sell a house, knowing the value helps you set the right price and negotiate with potential buyers.

Also known as the comparable sales approach, is a method used to determine the value of your businesses by comparing it to similar businesses that have recently been sold in the market.

Analyzing the selling prices of these comparable businesses, we can estimate the fair market value of their own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will i need to provide to generate my report?

In order for us to generate your report, we will need 3 years of P&L Statements, a balance sheet and the most current tax return

What if my Financials are not up to date or may have errors?

It is critical that you have correct financial statements. This means properly categorized expenses, investments and income. If you are unsure or need a referral for making corrections just let us know.

Is this a formal valuation? Can I use for a loan or legal matters?

In most cases, a bank or legal matter such as a divorce proceeding may require an income based valuation performed by a professional valuation expert. This report is not intended for such purposes however, we can provide referrals to experts who can deliver this type of report.

How long will it take to get my report?

Typical turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days from wen you provide accurate financial statements.

Will you need anything in addition to financial reports?

Possibly. We will arrange a brief call with you before generating your report to ensure we have all that we need to peform the work

What if the valuation is different than what I expteced?

You report is an objective analysis based on market data and calculations. This may be different than what you had hoped but it is a reasonable approximateion of what another person or entity will place on your business.

What if I wish to speak with someone about my report?

If you have basic questions about the report, you can email us. If you wish to schedule a review of your report and ask about scenarios and your plans, you can schedule a session with an expert for an additional fee.

Buyers focus on businesses that are ready to sell

I look at dozens of deals every week and most lack the basic information we need to engage. We simply move on. 

Andrew M, SMB Acquirer

I see too many sellers unprepared for the process of selling their business. It often kills the deal or even prevents me from sending them an LOI. 

Yvetter Owo, owner YOLO Accounting & SMB Acquirer

ExitGuide gets business owners sale ready

ExitGuide has been helpful in teaching me what is most important for me to focus on to get my business ready to sell in the future.”

Heidi Brockmyre (preparing to sell in 12 months)

owner in California

ExitGuide helped me present my business to a buyer and gave me an understanding of what to expect through the process, all without the big commissions of a broker!

Jim Lehman (sold to competitor)

owner in Florida